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PostSubject: SITE RULES    Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:26 pm

these are the site rules

1. trwgames does not allow any explicit and/or vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, pornography or anything else that will appear offensive to members of our community.

2. Signatures must not contain anything illegal, explicit, contain nudity, or contain porn. The same rule applies for avatars and banners.

3. TrWgames staff members have the right to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem are inappropriate, according to the rules.

4. Impersonating staff members is not allowed and you will be permanently banned from the site if you are caught. This includes telling others you are a staff member or having any staff badges as your avatar or signature.

5. Do not "rep for rep" with your reputation. Do not ask and/or beg for reputation for any reason. Doing so will result in a warning and possibly a few days ban.

6. No rival site infections are allowed, unless they are no spam infections, these websites include: Modded Game, Reckless Modz, Negative Modding, etc. etc.

7. Spamming links to any rival websites will result in you being permanently banned.

8. If you believe a trwgames staff member is abusing their powers, please PM trwgames

9. Do not ask for a staff position, because they are meant to be earned.( unless we are hiring )

10. Please make sure before posting a new thread that there isn't already a thread made on the subject that you want to talk about.

11. Any type of advertising of your site (includes PM, a thread, a post, and chatroom) will result in a 2 day ban. If caught doing it again it will be a perma-ban.

12. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. Anyone to be found with more than one account, will have their second account banned permanently, and their main account will be banned for a few days. If a user has more than one offense with multiple accounts, BOTH their main and second accounts will be permanently banned.

Expect more rules to be added over time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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